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Find yourself again.

Helping you navigate life after loss.

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Feeling like yourself again can be one of the biggest challenges of losing a loved one. You feel changed, altered, unsure of who you are and what the future looks like. You wonder if you will ever feel normal again. Will the tears and sadness ever end? Who am I now? What does my future look like?
With therapy, you will understand and embrace the importance of healthy grief as a pivotal part of moving forward. Your future is waiting for you, and it’s full of hope and life. Professional counseling will help you rediscover your life after loss.
Meet Clair
Clair Jantzen Grief Counselor
Meet Clair Jantzen
Grief & Loss Counselor, Educator, Author.
(serving clients in the Kelowna area & online)

"People who have experienced the loss of a loved one are looking to reclaim their lives. They sometimes need a specialist to help them find hope and re-establish their new normal.


I help the bereaved understand grief as an important part of finding themselves again. I show clients how they can use the pain and tears as a catalyst into a healthy, hope-filled future."

New To Counseling
Will counseling really help me?
What to expect from your therapy experience...

Make an appointment for us to meet. I'd love to hear your story and learn how I can help you in your grief journey.


With clarity about what you're experiencing and tools to help start living again, you'll find hope for what is ahead without diminishing what you've lost.


As you share your story and we talk together, you'll grow in your understanding of how walking through grief (including all those tears) will help guide you towards re-establishing life after loss.


Find a way to thrive in your new chapter. Even as a changed person, there is hope for your future and life to be enjoyed. With support and tools, you'll find yourself living again.


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Tired of feeling stuck?

With the help of counseling, rediscover hope for the next chapter of your life.
Book an in-office appointment (in Kelowna) or video-chat appointment with Clair here.
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